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Pee Mak Phrakanong

PG-13Genre: Comedy, Romance
Quality: Year: Duration: 111 MinView: 34 views
46 votes, average 7.3 out of 10

Some time during the Rattanakosin Kingdom, Mak becomes a soldier and has to leave his pregnant wife Nak at home in Phra Khanong. In the distant frontline he meets four soldiers who become his best friends. Menwhile his wife Nak struggles to give birth to their baby alone. When the war is over, Mak invites his friends to go to his home and meet his beautiful wife Nak. But in Phra Khanong the rumor goes around town that Nak is a ghost. After a series of uncanny events his four friends and some villagers try to tell Mak that his wife is already dead.

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